Specialist Carpet
Oriental Rug Cleaning

Carpets are constructed using many different types of synthetic or natural fibres such as polypropylene, nylon, polyester,acrylic and wool. Many fibres can be mixed together to improve the appearance and durability of a carpet.

It's important for us to identify the type of carpet fibre and use the correct cleaning agents that will clean your carpets as thoroughly as possible.

Cleaning Procedure

Identify carpet type for best cleaning method.
Pre-vacuum and lift the carpet pile.
Pre-spray to loosen soiling.
Pre-spot any stains.
Rinse carpets with powerful carpet soil extractor.
Removes dirt, grit, soiling and neutralises odours.
Removes over 92% of dust mite allergens.
Condition wool carpets to regenerate the wool fibres.
Groom carpet pile.
Apply carpet protector (when required).
Use furniture tabs to prevent furniture staining pile whilst drying
Restore your carpet to its best possible condition.

We only use top of the range cleaning products, our portable carpet soil extractors are the latest and most advanced machines available, with powerful triple vacuums that will thoroughly clean carpets and remove dirt, grit, cleaning chemicals and soiling. Leaving the carpet pile in its best possible condition.

Odour Treatment
We have a range of deodorisers, odour neutralisers and sanitisers for various types of damage caused by water, smoke
, pets, urine and residual odours present in carpets.

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