Specialised Re-tufting

We specialise in repairing small areas of permanent damage to carpets that cannot be rectified by cleaning methods alone. These areas can ruin the appearance of a carpet, particularly the most common, caused by cigarette burns.

We have a range of different synthetic or wool yarns and tufts that are used to permanently repair this type of damage, without patching !!!

By using a re-tufting process, we can remove the damaged carpet fibres and replace them with new or existing yarn, depending on the condition of the carpet being repaired.

We can
Re-tuft most types of carpet.

Match the pattern on Axminster and Wilton carpets.
Repair without patching.
Rectify oil, tar, bleach spots, burns etc.

General Repairs

Include restretching or re-fitting carpets, hot seaming broken joins and replacing old or damaged doorplates. Please note, we only offer this service to customers who are having their carpets professionally cleaned.

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